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Customer Support

Over 55 years ago, Mr. Tom Skeuse, Sr. founded Reagent Chemical and Research, Inc with the goal of meeting and exceeding the service needs of customers and suppliers alike.  That single purpose has driven the organizational success and growth. 

Today, Reagent owns more assets dedicated to the storage and transport of HCl than any other U.S. company.  Our order center is open for calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to ensure that someone at Reagent is always available to schedule your product deliveries.  We employ our own drivers to maintain a level of service and professionalism our customers have come to expect.  Reagent has invested in the people, transportation assets, HCl supply and value added services to continue our founders’ vision of always keeping the customer first. 

Call our order center at 1-800-231-1807 or your local sales manager to put us to work for you.