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Product Quality

Quality Assurance Policy and Commitment

Reagent Chemical and Research, Inc. has been committed to quality since the first day of business in 1959.  This dedication continues with every shipment of product that leaves our facilities. 

Our philosophy is simple: 

“We will abide by all applicable standards and requirements in order to produce and deliver a consistent quality product that meets or exceeds our customer’s needs.  We will continually strive to improve the quality of our product and services through our Quality Assurance Program.”

Our Quality Assurance department, headed by a six sigma black belt recipient, works to maximize our quality system efforts.  We have established our guidelines to determine essential requirements and standards throughout Reagent Chemical.  The quality system is outlined to the corporate certification to ISO 9001:2008 using DQS UL Group as the third party verifier. 

Reagent Chemical has four fully staffed and equipped quality assurance laboratories strategically located in New Jersey, West Virginia, Louisiana and Texas.  These laboratories report directly to our corporate quality assurance manager.  All testing and evaluation are statistically analyzed using six sigma methodology.  Inspection and testing results are used to evaluate the requirements of more than fifty of our producers across the country.  This data is verified to ensure that shipments are suitable and meets all customer requirements. Reagent Chemical continues to set a premium on developing quality and responsible standards for the industry.