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ProSys is a premier manufacturer of manual, semiautomatic, and fully automatic equipment for filling cartridges, squeeze tubes, syringes and rigid containers for the Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Adhesive and Sealant Industries.

ProSys is a global supplier of filling equipment with U.S. sales, manufacturing and customer service facilities located in Southwest Missouri and satellite sales, parts and service facilities located in Asia, Latin America and Australia.

ProSys offers innovative machinery for all of your filling requirements and unique specifications. A complete line of filling equipment can fill a wide range of products including thick, viscose pastes, adhesives, sealants or ointments as well as water thin, low viscose creams, lotions and liquids. A fully staffed Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing and Service team stands ready to work together with your company to develop and deliver high quality, cost effective filling system solutions.

As a leader in filling technology, ProSys provides efficient, reliable and accurate filling equipment that will enhance your production operation, improve your bottom line and keep you on top of your market, ahead of your competition.

ProSys also offers "in-house" and "in-plant" training programs, testing facilities, equipment rental programs, scheduled maintenance programs, on-line support, same day parts service and turnkey line design.

The customer service department provides ongoing support for the life of your equipment utilizing state of the art computerized service tools, such as direct on-line modem diagnostics to minimize machine downtime and reduce costly on-site service calls.

Please visit our ProSys website for a complete description of their capabilities.