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Reagent Divisions


Reagent Chemical is the nation’s largest marketer of hydrochloric acid, a commodity chemical with applications in the food, energy, steel, and industrial sectors.  With strategic investments in local terminals, Reagent’s HCl infrastructure extends from Canada to Mexico and the East Coast to California.

Customer Service is emphasized throughout the Reagent network.  Seventy-five local shipping locations with deliveries by Reagent’s private truck and railcar fleets assure product quality and availability.

With strategic long-term supply agreements, continued investment in local assets and a dedication to service and quality, Reagent provides its customers the convenience of local deliveries, backed by the nation’s largest HCl infrastructure


White Flyer

White Flyer, a division of Reagent Chemical & Research, Inc., is the largest producer of clay targets in the world.  White Flyer owns and operates four clay target manufacturing plants throughout the United States.  Each plant produces a variety of target colors and color combinations for American Skeet, Trap, International and Sporting Clays.

Introduced in early 1999, White Flyer now offers a truly biodegradable and non-toxic target named the White Flyer Bio.

Utilizing a customer base of coast to coast, border to border and beyond, White Flyer currently serves more gun clubs and shooters than any other target manufacturer in the world.

Using state of the art production methods, White Flyer continues to make technical advances that will allow it to maintain its position and continually improve our target quality.


The Packaging Machinery Division, ProSys Innovative Packaging started in 1985. The ProSys division serves customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.  At the Missouri production facility we design, manufacture, and produce squeeze tube filling machines as well as in-line cartridge filling machines.

Cali’co Hardwoods

Cali’co Hardwoods Division operates a single plant in Santa Rosa, California.   This unique company produces gunstock blanks and high grade wood products.