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White Flyer Targets

Reagent Chemical and Research, Inc. entered the clay target market in 1979 with the purchase of White Flyer Targets from Olin Industries, the manufacturer of Winchester ammunition and firearms. This purchase signaled the end of an era that saw Olin-Winchester provide clay targets for the shooting sports from their infancy and the start of a new era for White Flyer and Reagent Chemical.

Currently, White Flyer operates four state of the art target manufacturing facilities throughout the United States to ensure total coverage of this country and Canada. The facilities are located in...

  • Coal Township, Pennsylvania, (Eastern U.S.)
  • Webb City, Missouri, (South Central U.S.)
  • Knox, Indiana, (North Central U.S.)
  • San Bernardino, California, (Western U.S.)
  • Utilizing a distributor network stretching coast to coast, border to border and beyond, White Flyer currently serves more gun clubs and shooters than any other target manufacturer in the world.

    Please visit our White Flyer website for a complete description of the White Flyer clay target division.