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Who We Are

Our Values

We value our people, our customers and our suppliers, and we make it a priority to maintain a respectful, energetic environment that encourages new ideas and a collaborative attitude.

We value our past and are equally excited about our future. We continually strive to meet customer expectations and evolve our business to meet new opportunities.

We value safety and reliability in the transportation and delivery of our products. We have built an extensive network of professionals + infrastructure to meet those commitments.

Our History


In 1959, Tom Skeuse, Sr. had a vision to start a chemical company dedicated to its customers’ needs. Reagent Chemical began as a small family business with a single product manufactured at its only location by ten dedicated employees.

Over the years, Reagent Chemical has grown in size and importance to the markets it serves, and through unyielding commitment to customers’ and suppliers’ needs, Reagent Chemical has become the largest marketer of hydrochloric acid in the United States.

Reagent Chemical has terminals border to border and coast to coast.  Today, Reagent Chemical owns and operates hundreds of trucks and trailers, and thousands of railcars, specifically dedicated to servicing our customers and suppliers.

Reagent Today


Reagent has spent over 60 years growing into the largest supplier of hydrochloric acid in the United States with over 45 facilities nationwide and a fleet of over 3,000 railcars, the most extensive national network of personnel, storage and transportation resources. Reagent operates border to border and coast to coast.  Contact us to learn how Reagent can service your HCl needs.

Reagent Map

A highly qualified
team of experienced professionals


Located throughout the country, our Sales and Marketing Team is comprised of “best of the best” professionals with experience in the chemicals industry.  We employ dispatchers, truck drivers and transports to handle deliveries.  As well as trained emergency response teams and a field of quality assurance laboratory technicians and other chemical professionals.